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League of Scholars is an online talent discovery service that helps with strategic research recruitment, retention and collaboration.

We help Governments, Universities and Companies with their research strategy, positioning and analytics.

Please note that this public version of the database has not been updated recently. We update our data regularly and use the updated data in our analysis work. This version is only for you to get a flavour of the data that we use.

Vital to Our Future

Australian researchers leading their field.

The Australian RESEARCH magazine 2020
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South Korea

"It's becoming a hub for global talent".

NATURE INDEX 2020 South Korea
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On top of their game

Australian researchers leading their field.

The Australian RESEARCH magazine 2019
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The world at their feet

These newcomers are making their mark in science across the disciplines.

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The list of Nature Index 2018 scholars

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Our Coverage



League of Scholars holds data on scholars from the Top 5,000 universities and research institutions worldwide. We collect and integrate bibliometrics data from a range of open public data sources including Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic and Webometrics.

Our comprehensive data coverage allows us to rank institutions globally and nationally on multiple topics giving the institutions the opportunity to gauge their ranking at a much granular level. These statistics allow them to make informed decisions on investments in research centers, strategical hires and academic promotions.



Using a Google-like ranking algorithm we have ranked all the authors in our universe by their relevance and authority in over 15,000 fields. Our rankings contain a range of factors including the quality of venues published in as well as industry linkages. And because they are very granular - it only compares apples with apples.

Our data collection contains samples of author statistics going back in time for most authors giving us the opportunity to compute unique and robust metrics of performance.

Research Topics


Our collection covers over 200 topics and 18,000 subtopics - derived from global in-publication keyword ranking and analysis - enabling granular and accurate author, topic and cross-institution comparisons.

Our analysis of author-topic relationships has enabled us to suggest related topics to widen the scope of search allowing strategical recruitment much easier.

Our Products and Services



League of Scholars Atlases enable you to get a new perspective on a given industry or topic area.

This detailed and customised report contains a snapshot of up-to-date data on talent in an industry area compared with others at the top worldwide.

Talent Signature Report


The League of Scholars Research Talent Signature Report enables you to get a new perspective on the research talent at your University of research organization.

This detailed and customised report contains a snapshot of up-to-date data on researchers are your institution compared with nearly a million others at the top 2000 institutions worldwide.

Custom Services


Do you use data to help evaluate and better understand the performance, success and relative strengths of your current research efforts?

Are you looking globally to make strategic appointments for research and research leadership positions?

We help Universities and research organizations build on their current talent base with a range of specialised services to extend and complement their existing capabilities.

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“... as more and more detailed, timely, and global data is available from online sources including ... League of Scholars, research leaders will be able to gain perspectives and insights into the increasingly fast-moving, mobile world of research and research talent in ways hitherto impossible.”

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