Research Analytics and Strategy

Do you use data to help evaluate and better understand the performance, success and relative strengths of your current research efforts?

Are you looking globally to make strategic appointments for research and research leadership positions?

We help Universities and Research organisations build on their current talent base with a range of specialised services to extend, and complement their existing capabilities.

At League of Scholars, we can help you better understand and analyse your organisation's existing research portfolio and to identify:

  • Opportunities to build on existing strengths
  • Potential new greenfields domains
  • Areas for potential collaboration
  • We can also

    • Benchmark your research talent against peers locally, nationally and globally
    • Identify researchers with the highest potential within your organisation for fast-tracking, investment and promotion
    • Identify, qualify and place new candidates from anywhere

    Our analysis is based on our unique experience, methods and detailed data on over 2 million top scholars at the world's top 2,000 Universities and Research organisations. Our data collections cover scholars with interests in over 15,000 topics working in all fields and disciplines including:

    • Business, Finance, Economics and Law
    • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences including Art, Design, Communications, History, Philosophy, Geography and Sociology
    • Science and Engineering including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology, Engineering, Geology Mathematics and Physics
    • Medicine and Health Sciences

    We also offer custom services to help you with global strategic research goals.