Data Science Consulting

We are an applied data science consultancy with expertise in providing automated text analytics of public submissions. We also have in-depth knowledge in research talent discovery, financial market analysis, economic modelling, social media analytics, network analytics, predictive modelling, machine learning and AI.

We have deep expertise in a number of areas including:

  • Natural language processing, topic modelling and text analysis
  • Economics, exports and industry analytics
  • Talent, HR and wellbeing analytics
  • Research impact analytics

Recent projects include:

  • Automated topic modelling of public submissions to NSW 2022 Flood Inquiry as well as related geographic and temporal social and search analytics.
  • 2022 Summary of NSW Flood Inquiry Analytics
  • Analysis of the efficacy of using unconventional data such as global search traffic, and Wikipedia data to predict global trends in food and agriculture for the Australian Government.
  • Research with CSIRO that maps the Top100 Emerging Technologies Worldwide: In collaboration with CSIRO, identifying, mapping and analysing the Top100 Emerging Technologies worldwide and mapping where these technologies are aligned with distinctive national and regional economic strengths.

League of Scholars is a registered Supplier to a number of global companies as well as the Australian Government and NSW Government.