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University/Institution NameCountryStateNumber of AuthorsNumber of LinkedIn Profiles%Number of Top 10 WoW Authors/Topics%Number of Top 10 LoS Authors/Topics%
Chinese University of Hong Kong1,045807.66%807.66%19118.28%
City University of Hong Kong773546.99%344.40%12516.17%
Hong Kong Baptist University272186.62%93.31%3412.50%
Hong Kong Institute of Education3725.41%718.92%821.62%
Hong Kong Polytechnic University618569.06%8513.75%29347.41%
Hong Kong Shue Yan University2500.00%14.00%14.00%
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology531427.91%244.52%7313.75%
Lingnan University5335.66%1120.75%1018.87%
Open University of Hong Kong2813.57%725.00%00.00%
University of Hong Kong916768.30%535.79%16918.45%